Dr Jenny Royle

Trained in pharmacology and behavioural science, Jenny has many years experience in Pharma: designing trials, analysing data, and supporting products at all stages of clinical development and post-launch. She represented science functions and clinical development when shaping large-scale pharma patient-centricity strategy and restructuring activities.

Jenny has been a founding leader in a novel research team involving Pharma, academia, NHS, and charities that optimises decision-science in healthcare, and has been the Chief Investigator for digital/technology trials. She has also created a design lab within a hospital clinical trial unit and used her novel methodology to integrate regulations with technical, clinical, and behavioural science and co-develop solutions with patients – an approach that she’s scaling up for Cancer Research UK and a newly-established network of 24 early-phase trial sites across UK, Spain, Italy and France.

Jenny is also a renowned medical writer and communicator with a portfolio ranging from scientific articles, public engagement, through to facilitation of workshops, patient-involvement, and training.