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Unique Approach

Businesses are bursting with people who have good ideas. However, the pace of innovation and change in pharma and healthcare is sometimes slowed by the complex regulated environment and the challenge of finding nimble solutions.

At Rekaryo we think differently.

We believe that people make the difference, but it’s science that provides the evidence to make change stick. We specialize in this complex environment – our broad experience ensuring that we can identify opportunities, efficiently navigate problems, and measure differences that matter.

From strategy and research development, through to individual tasks and reports, we create bespoke solutions that fit you.

Method at its best

We believe that healthcare and pharma are delivered by amazing people and founded on great science and technology. It’s the people involved who decide what to do and how to act; and it’s the science that provides new possibilities and empirically tests the difference made. For great innovation that matters the solution therefore needs to integrate both elements seamlessly

We employ an approach that integrates both people-aspects and scientific methodologies: leveraging the best from data science and visualisation, clinical science, behavioral science and co-creation. Click below to find out more.


Identifying the underlying opportunity, then using integrated methodology to involve and co-create with experts and end users to streamline solution design. Innovation that delivers real change for people

Novel trial design

Novel trial design, medical science, and research package development to simplify, focus and empirically test for real difference. Change that can be delivered and measured.

Data visualisation

Data tells a story. Transparent methodology, accurate and objective analysis, and optimised visualisation allows others to understand this story and believe in the impact. Written into a report that meets standards and clearly communicates results to stakeholders.


Communicating complex information simply. Innovation that drives change starts with communication that engages others in a way that works. Technical and regulatory reports, scientific papers, news articles, engagement materials, blog posts and many other approaches – the solution that’s needed.

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Our integrated approach is founded on years of experience in the regulatory, scientific, clinical, and behavioural fields


Co-creation, patient engagement, clinical and behavioural science, trial design, and communications


Technology, data science, visualisation, and novel scientific methodology

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